Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in Horley, Crawley and Gatwick

Welcome to Lisa Relax Garden,

It’s very easy to let your everyday routine take over and many of us struggle to find the time to relax and take care of our bodies. This daily wear and tear can eventually lead us into experiencing painful headaches, bad posture and chronic inflammation.

Common Signs That Massage Therapy is Needed

If you have been experiencing tightness in your muscles, tension headaches, or pains in the neck, back, shoulder or hip (to name but a few), these are tell-tale signs that massage therapy is needed. Painful movements caused by muscular restrictions can be alleviated and healthy posture promoted through the power of a deep tissue massage.  

The Power of Sleep

Prior to massage therapy, clients often tell us that they have been sleeping poorly. The time we spend sleeping provides our bodies with the opportunity to heal and recover. A relaxing massage helps to promote healthy sleeping habits and revitalise the body.

Our Practice

Our comfortable massage rooms in Horley are a friendly, welcoming place where you can leave your troubles at the door, relax and unwind. You will be greeted by our highly-trained and experienced therapists who are renowned for providing a range of tailored massage therapies for clients across Horley, Crawley, Copthorne and Gatwick. We have shower facilities available on site and free parking is available for the convenience of our clients. The services provided by the therapists at Lisa Relax Gardens are strictly of a non-sexual nature.

Our Therapies

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

Sports massages are not just for sports people. If you suffer from chronic pain or experience limited mobility, a deep tissue massage (often referred to as a sports massage) helps to treat a range of complaints including postural problems, muscle tension and spasms. Deep tissue massage realigns muscles and connective tissue which helps to ease tense areas in the neck, lower back, and shoulders. Your therapist will use specific strokes to break down scar tissue, drain toxins, increase flexibility, improve mobility and reduce swelling.

Four Hands Massage Therapy

A four hands massage involves two massage therapists working simultaneously. One therapist mirrors the other to create a choreographed massage. The motion of the four hands across the body is something the brain is unable to predict, which eventually leads the mind into a deep state of relaxation.

Contact Us

Contact a member of our team if you would like to discuss your individual requirements. Our therapists will be happy to help you determine which form of massage therapy is suited to your needs.